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The Ino Mask is ideal for smaller faces with its One-Window design, a wide field of view, and low volume. It’s comfortable for divers of any level and style.



>One-window mask designed for divers with smaller face shapes.
Wide field of view is achieved by placing the lens closer to the face. A low volume mask.
Varied silicone thickness with a proprietary low-friction skirt surface of the fitting line.
Similar fitting technology as the popular Intega and Zensee masks.
3D SYNQ - A unique Fitting Ring built into the Mask Skirt providing an ideal fit for all face shapes.
Swift Buckle 3D - A new low-profile buckle and mask strap for smooth effortless adjustments.
3D Mask Strap - TUSA’s unique 3D design contours to the shape of your head.
Round Edge Skirt - Round edge skirt improves both seal and comfort of the mask.
Panoramic View - Mask providing an extra wide field of view.

TUSA Ino Mask

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