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reef in Key West for snorkel gear

About Us

Snorkel Gear & Watersports & Pickleball Equipment

Located in Key West, Florida, Sea, Key West carries the best snorkel gear, pickleball gear, freediving, SCUBA diving and watersports equipment in the Florida Keys.  As avid snorkelers and scuba divers, we only carry brands we would wear ourselves - so we can speak to each product based on personal experience.


The Florida Keys are the ideal location for any and all water activities and we're incredibly fortunate to have the ability to snorkel at the 3rd largest living coral reef, dive the Vandenberg, spear fish during our annual Grouper season, and take advantage of the island life at all opportunities. We can't wait to help you explore Key West underwater with the best quality merchandise available.

couple in key west, florida with the sunset in the background

The Beginning

Sea, Key West was started by a local couple who wanted to share their love of the water. As they became experts in new equipment and its maintenance, they realized they wanted to help fulfill people's yearning for adventure for a living!

couple scuba diving underwater taking a selfie

Love of the Water

Our Sea, Key West family is comprised of avid scuba divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, free divers, and spearos with a pure love for adventure. Our business is built on sharing our love and knowledge of watersports to make your experience the best.

We Support Our Locals

It's not all about the watersports! We truly love our island community and have played an active role in volunteering, raising money for local charities, developing relationships with non-profits and environmental advocates, and partnering with other local businesses to help grow our community.

You may also have seen John on Aqua Idol raising money for the Florida Keys SPCA...but you'll have to come in to get those details!

four people with rainbow flags and a sign about love

Maxine's Story


Adopted: December of 2020 from Florida Keys SPCA.

Type of Bird: Blue & Gold Macaw

Age: 35 years old

Favorite Food: Pistachio and Potatoes

Diet: Fruit, Vegetables, Tops Pellets and what every you are eating (vegan)

Favorite Music: Heavy Metal 

Works: Monday - Saturday with John at Sea, Key West


Can she talk? Yes

What can she say?  "Hello", "bye-bye", "quiet", at night she says "cover" when she wants to go to bed, and we have heard her say "what" and "nothing", "play ball", "Hey". She will laugh at you sometimes, "haha". As time goes on her vocabulary will expand

Can she Fly? No, her wings are clipped and not sure if she every flew before as she never attempted to fly. 

Can I pet her? No, she is not comfortable with other people touching her. She needs to get to know you first.  

Local Nonprofit Organizations We Love to Support in our Store

Look for the fundraising products in our store


Wanderlust Hats

Each purchase supports coral restoration with I.CARE!

Our Mission is to not only financially assist non-profit organizations but also physically support all conservation efforts we personally can. From below the Ocean surface to the high Mountains around the world, we strive to be the difference we seek in this world. As we grow together and build this community, we would like to highlight both our stories and your stories from around the world.

In the end we only have one planet and together let us all be the difference we seek.

Your purchases both financially support conservation but also allow for future projects and community based conservation efforts to be started.


Justin Benson


Grateful Diver
A Lifestyle Brand With a Cause


Grateful Diver is a lifestyle brand focused on the preservation of our coral reefs, with proceeds benefiting the nonprofit organization, Reef Relief (reeffrelieforg). 

Our Merchandise proudly features the iconic lighting both dive flag designed by Grateful Dead drummer, Bill Kreutzmann, directly connecting ocean lovers from around the world with coral reef conservation and rebuilding efforts.


Maxine Merch


Maxine has put together a selection of merchandise which includes her personalized t-shirt, making earrings from her feather and stickers. She insisted that we use it to help support the Florida Keys SPCA , who took such good care of her until she could be adopted. So a portion of the proceeds from all Maxine shirts purchased will be donated to The Florida Keys SPCA!


Local Nonprofits We Support 


Florida Keys SPCA

We love our furry and feathered friends and want to do all we can as a local business to support the animals in our community. As many of you may know Maxine our Blue and Gold Macaw was adopted from the Florida Keys SPCA. 


We have helped raise funds for the shelter and continue to support their mission.  

sea, key west reusable bag

We Support Our Environment

We take pride in our effort in making sure our store is environmentally friendly. We carry brands that are either reef safe or make regular donations to keep our oceans clean. As a small local store located only 7 miles away from the third largest living coral reef in the world, we want to do our part.


Some of the initiatives you'll notice when shopping with us in downtown Key West is that we limit our use of plastic to only the products being displayed and only use paper and reusable check out bags. In addition, our business cards are printed on recycled card stock. We're always trying to think of new ways to contribute and invite you to do the same!

What can be done?

Think about how waste affects our community and hurt our oceans - and our oceans are what make Key West such an incredible destination. Small ways you can help reduce our impact are by using reusable or paper bags and paper or metal straws. Think about what you throw away, what can be recycled, and how you can help make an impact on our environment.

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