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Snet 'em and Forget 'em


Combining the security of a snare with the simplicity of a net, the SNET offers the simplest way to catch – and keep – your lobster. The lobster swims backwards and almost captures itself – just pull the black grip and it’s secured.


The SNET is a capture device for divers of all ages and expertise. No more losing those keepers from regular nets, no matter how experienced you may be. For the novice lobster diver, the SNET requires less precision compared to a snare, especially when snorkeling.


The SNET doesn’t require the twisting and turning of regular nets, ensuring minimal lobster entanglement and easy release from the SNET. If the captured lobster doesn’t meet the minimum size requirements, or happens to have eggs, they can be released with little to no trauma.

The Original Snet

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