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These leggings have been designed by ocean advocates with comfort and strength in mind. With a material make up of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, gives you the strength, comfort, and protection you need. 

This combination of materials provides the elasticity your looking for without sacrificing the strength of these leggings.


Height = length from center of butt to end of pant leg Inseam + Crotch to end of pant leg 

Extra Small 22-26" waist, 32-36" hip & 33.5" length 

Small 25-30" waist, 34-38" hip, & 34.5" length 

Medium 29-33" waist, 36-40" hip, & 35.5" length 

Large 32-36” waist, 38-42" hip, & 36.5" length 

Extra Large 34-38” waist, 40-44" hip, & 37.5" length

Extra Large 34-38” waist, 40-44" hip, & 37.5" length 

XXL 37-42" waist, 42-46" hip, 38.5" length

Waistband is 4” wide with a thin elastic support band for proper fitting around the waist.

With every purchase a donation is made to outplanting corals in Islamorada with I.Care.

Kraken Leggings

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