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The Naxos mask is compact and smaller in size than a classic diving mask, but this unique feature does not reduce the field of vision, and thanks to new internal ribs, it adapts perfectly to any anatomy of the face. Naxos, like Quantum, not only offers increased downward vision but also avoids the phenomenon of fogging by thermoregulating the warm, moist air escaping from the nose inside the mask. This is channeled by a system of membranes in the mold around the eyes and nose, which deflect the flow towards the rubber walls and not towards the glass. On the outside of the walls is a cooling system consisting of two small heat exchangers that function like radiators. The effect is that the temperature inside the mask is lowered, bringing it closer to the outside temperature, and that moisture droplets are trapped before the air reaches the glasses, thus preventing them from fogging up.

Cressi Naxos Mask

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