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Spectra or dyneema wishbones were made for Shark-fin and pinned shafts to provide a quiet and stealthy shot and eliminate the risk of cuts to fingers.  With the HammerHead Helix system with dyneema wishbones a spearo can easily change-out their bands without the use of tools.  In addition, speargun muzzles without any slots or cuts in them are stronger and more streamline than those with band slots.

HammerHead Helix™ Helix Coil (for Notch Shafts)

Notched shafts are the most popular spearshaft design in the world but they slice cord wishbones in half.  With the HammerHead Helix Coil™ sliced wishbones are a distant memory.  Hammerhead Helix Coil™ fits all American and European speargun shafts.


ADVANTAGES with the Hammerhead Helix™ System

- Universal Replacement for all rubber powered spearguns. 
- Ability to loop pre-tied ends into muzzles holes with-out slots. or with-out removing band slot spacers. 
- Easily replace worn-out or frayed wishbone bridels, extending the life of your band. 
- Quickly tie or untie the wishbone bridle with a simple sheet bend knot. 
- All Helix™ Bands are hand tied to HammerHead Speargun specifications utilizing quality US components.
- NEW Hammerhead Helix Coil™. This wishbone will fit notched shafts! This cut resistant wishbone has the features of a metal wishbone without the risk.

Black Power Helix 5/8"

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