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  • SAFE AIR FLOW SYSTEM – Separate inhale and exhale free breathing airflow for increased safety that is designed to reduce CO2 build-up. Increased ventilation for more fresh air flow, breathe easy, see more fish, and have more fun.
  • EQUALIZE EAR PRESSURE – For proper equalization, pinch your nose through the front of the mask and the mask will adjust accordingly making the experience of scuba diving more enjoyable for the wearers.
  • FOG FREE PANORAMIC VISION – Fog free system for a clear 180 degree panoramic vision, no anti-fog needed. With an added gopro attachment to record every second of your deep sea experience. No need to worry about a defogger, you will be able to view all the
  • AIR-FILLED SILICONE – Seal provides unsurpassed cushioning and pillow like comfort to the face with no pesky goggle marks afterwards. The surrounding surface is air filled silicone for perfect fit every time.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FEATURES – 100% dry top snorkel keeps water out, with a 4-point quick clip system that uses elastic straps for a perfect fit, and a camera attachment to mount a gopro.

Aire Free Breathing Snorkeling Mask

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