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Small but mighty, Quip is your high-performance little dream ride. Perfectly balanced with enough charm and edge to swoon even the most skeptical skater. Venice Beach in the early 1970s gave rise to a whole new era of grit, flair, and a distinct hypnotic Californian magnetism. Mini plastic skateboards flooded side streets, alleyways, and beachfront paths with moxie and a “take no prisoners” motto.  Edge was a welcomed part of the equation and with a portable ride in tow, the world felt a little smaller, and a little more connected. 


Quip doesn’t bow down to typical 9-5 standards. Just like its predecessors, we’ve engineered this board to fit with how you move, not define it. Made out of high-strength injection-molded plastic, this complete kit features soft wheels perfect for soaking up all those street bumps and sidewalk cracks all while giving you the smooth ride you expect from Retrospec. 27 inches of smooth sailing with Quip’s small kicktail and molded waffle pattern for a solid hold on every twist, turn, and last-minute dodge you encounter.  Our newest edition comes with 5" trucks for more control, balance, and enhanced maneuverability. All that nerve and more can fit right inside your backpack. 

Quip Cruiser 27" Cruiser - Orange

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