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Enough versatility for a seasoned skater or those easing their way into four wheels, Alameda was designed to flow between smashing stair sets or taking a casual cruise around the cul de sac. Cruise with 31”x 8” of Canadian Maple, ABEC-7 chrome bearings, 5.5” aluminum trucks, and 95A PU wheels.

Alameda’s sturdy 7-ply maple deck covers the responsiveness you want during casual rides or gritty midday urban treks. Hand-selected components, like ABEC-7 bearings and 95A PU wheels, make for a smooth start with your new fav hobby.

Alameda’s grip tape and moderate concave assist (that's the dip in the deck) provide you with control to learn new tricks and enough edge to hold down the fort down during quick turns.

Alameda Skateboard - Marine Isometric

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